Pristy Tools works on Windows 10, 8, 7 and 64-bit.

Install will create main icon on desktop, start menu icons and un-install support.

Pristy Tools don’t include any type of contaminated pieces of software nor third-party downloader.

Please use links on the main site, some sites may provide third-party downloader.


Web Assistant and missing tabs or more than one browser window is opened?

First open your web browser than use Web Assistant if your system or network has not sufficient speed.

If a site is not loaded, try using F5 or reload inside your browser.

Web Assistant can’t save Quick links?

Start Pristy Tools or Web Assistant as Administrator or temporarily disable (UAC), user access control in Windows system.

System Powerless and shutdown time for longer a periods of time?

Disable computer sleep time in Windows Power Management.

Memory Clean produce negative result?

Do the 32-bit design, it’s has better functionality on 32-bit OS.

What Pristy Tools Tray Agent and CD Hotkey F9 do?

Pristy Tools Tray Agent provide tray access to Pristy Tools.

When hotkey F9 is used, CD/DVD/Blu-ray will eject and auto-close it self after 5 seconds delay.

This function is not intended for laptops, slot-in CD drives or software virtual drives.