With use of Visual DialogScript and many other tools to speed up the process and quality, using flexible coding skills that can be easily change in advance and gain speed eventually by it self and i also like HTML for creating widget, gadget or simple web sites.

2.7.7 version will be last, can't put Pristy Tools in forced retirement if Inno setup don't have MaxVersion function so maybe if they add that, than maybe there will be 2.7.7 if not that's it. I won't make things up indefinitely.
The site will stay on. Updates will be basic maintenance only.
End of the road for Pristy Tools, some parts are not fully compatible with Windows nor with VDS 6 for that matter. So that’s that.
Looks like Chrome browser is the best, but Firefox is even better.
Pristy Tools is installable over previous install and also works on Linux under Wine.
360 Total Security can block Pristy Tools site for no particular reason.
Set Windows as Standard user it’s a lot safer than under Administrator.
Make small things bigger and big things smaller to get better result, sounds reasonable.
Why sometimes software don’t work on newer platforms, it wasn’t adapted on time and compared vice versa, simple as that.
Don’t make your site the same for all browsers but more like use browsers to make the site the same.
It’s not about how fast is your PC but more like what you do with it.
All software is virtual, all we need it’s time to shape it.
HTML5 should be generic and platform independent including smart phones.
Software that install software should be quick with less next buttons, users just want to use what comes out.
It’s not the user interface but more like what you do with it in a productive way.
Windows will run faster without wallpaper on low RAM configuration.
Some hard drives may slowdown on SMART check, shame on them.
Desktop in suspend mode, sure but check if S3 (Suspend mode) is enabled in BIOS.
Stuck pixel fix for non-black, try applying soft pressure and drag around stuck pixel.